Electroplating Plant Automation


Chrome Electroplating Process is an integral process in manufacturing of many automotive parts. The project we did deals with the Chrome Electroplating Plant for Piston Rods of Shocks and Struts. The process includes 8 different tanks which have different timing and control requirement. 4 tanks include Pre-Plating process, 1 tank for Electroplating and 2 tanks for Post-Plating Process.

Before this automation the picking and placing of rods into tanks was done manually by labor. Since it was a very hectic and tiresome tasks various problems were occurring in the process which were compromising the quality of the rods produced.

After installation of the automation system now the labor only has to load and unload the rods from the system. Rest of the process is all handled automatically by the robots including the timings of process and current control of electroplating process.

How it works

The automation system consists of three parts; Main Controller and Two Robots. The first robot is dedicated for placing the rods into electroplating tank via 4 pre-processing tanks. The second robot is dedicated for taking the rods out of electroplating tank and take the rods in to unload section via post-processing tanks. The communication between robots and main controller is totally wireless. A flexible bus bar is used for power transmission to robots.

Similar system can be built upon your customized needs to suit your application and requirements.


HMI Screen to select and configure process parameters



Complete view of Automation System (Robots) and Electroplating Tanks



Proposal Animation

Project Video