FIPG Sealant Application System


FIPG Applicant System (FAS) is a 3-axes CNC Machine which applies FIPG Sealent. Mainly used in automotive industry for various engines parts.

What is FIPG ?

FIPG is a relatively simple method using a liquid silicone adhesive sealant to form a gasket between two components. There are two processes:

1) The wet joint process, when the sealant is applied to one surface and immediately both components are then fixed together. This is a very fast process which has the added advantage of the sealant bonding to both components. However, it also has the disadvantage that should the components need to be taken apart again in the future, the gasket would be destroyed.

2) Post cure process, the adhesive sealant is used to form a gasket on one surface of the component which is allowed to cure prior to the final assembly process. The adhesive is therefore, bonded to one half of the assembly thus allowing for fast easy fixing during production. There is no need to position or hold the gasket in place and a perfect fit is guaranteed every time. If required the two components can be taken apart and the gasket will remain in its original position allowing for reuse.

These methods of producing gaskets have several advantages over using a pre-cut gasket:

Fast accurate production
Better resistance to heat differential expansion in bi-metal joints
Reduces risk of shimmering (unwanted vibration between components)
Better access for service or rework

How it works ?