Strut and Shock Gas Force Measurement System


Strut and Shock Gas Force Measurement System is a machine we test, measures and analyses the gas force and gas reaction forces. It is a production based machine which is used to test 100% products on the assembly line. Based on the user input criterion and test product’s result, product is either rejected or passed.

How it works?

The system is comprised of highly sophisticated servo motor system and great precision load cell. The product is tested against customizable user parameters such as speed, compression travel and compression force. Once the test is started all the test parameters are performed and data is analyzed. After the analysis a graph is displayed on the screen along with all critical test parameters.

All the test results are logged in to the system which can be retrieved on USB inform of spreadsheet or screen shot.


Feature Description
Model GFT-102
Power Voltage AC220 or AC380
Products for Test Shocks and Struts
Control System Fully Automatic Operation with PLC and HMI
Adjustment Method Product Wise Automatic via Product Selection from HMI
Total Stroke 250 mm
Compression Travel up to 50 mm
Position Resolution 0.5 mm
Maximum  Compression Force 500 N
Force Least Count 0.5 N
Max. Compression Speed 10 mm/sec (adjustable)
Top Clamping Fixture Two Fixtures
Bottom Clamping Fixture One  Fixture for Struts, One Fixture for Shocks
Inspection Result Red/Green Lights for Clear Indication
Logging for test results in HMI. Retrievable via HMI
Special Features Easy changeover of fixtures
Magnetic V-block for Holding Shocks
Pokayoke devices for part clamping , Ready to test next part, Product adjustment travel
Real-Time display of production and quality statistics
Precision loadcell with high-gain amplifier
Overall Machine Size 2100(H) x 1020(W) x 500(D)

All of the above features can be customized according to customer’s requirement



Complete machine