Computerized Maintenance Management System

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is also known as enterprise asset management and computerized maintenance management information system(CMMIS).

A CMMS software package maintains a computer database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations, i.e. CMMIS – computerized maintenance management information system. This information is intended to help maintenance workers do their jobs more effectively (for example, determining which machines require maintenance and which storerooms contain the spare parts they need) and to help management make informed decisions (for example, calculating the cost of machine breakdown repair versus preventive maintenance for each machine, possibly leading to better allocation of resources). CMMS data may also be used to verify regulatory compliance.

CMMS packages may be used by any organization that must perform maintenance on equipment, assets and property. Some CMMS products focus on particular industry sectors (e.g. the maintenance of vehicle fleets or health care facilities). Other products aim to be more general.

CMMS packages can produce status reports and documents giving details or summaries of maintenance activities. The more sophisticated the package, the more analysis facilities are available.

Many CMMS packages can be either web-based, meaning they are hosted by the company selling the product on an outside server, or LAN based, meaning that the company buying the software hosts the product on their own server. [via Wikipedia]

The Solution – MP Software

Creative Dynamics Engineering is proud to be associated with one of the world’s best and widely used CMMS MPSoftware. MP provides advanced functionality without compromising simplicity or ease of use. Unlike other CMMS, in the MP no codes are required. Forget working with codes and short descriptions. Intuitive and powerful search capabilities makes possible to work with full and large descriptions of equipment, activities, resources, etc.. MP is a different maintenance software solution to all other CMMS you have seen before. Being in the market for 20 years MP Software offers following features;


  • Organize, standardize and document in the MP all information related to your equipment maintenance management, such as plans, diagrams, specifications, localization, supplier data, etc.
  • As a preventive maintenance software, every day the MP reports on the maintenance jobs to be carried out and once they are performed, the MP reschedules the following date to do them again, automatically adjusting the maintenance calendars.
  • Document maintenance plans or routines of each equipment, and automatically create maintenance schedules with the MP
  • Automate and simplify the generation, control and follow-up of work orders with the MP.
  • Maintain full control of the spare parts inventory and reduce inventory levels through the purchase of spare parts just as they are needed. Our maintenance program includes a very complete inventory program which allows efficiently controlling materials and spare parts stock, input and output movements, Kardex, valuing the inventory with different methods, estimating the supply, suppliers and purchases, etc.
  • Keep all historical information related to works performed and used resources organized and available.
  • Generate with this professional maintenance system a large number of reports, indexes and charts related to maintenance management.

To learn more about the MP, we recommend you read the maintenance system features and watch the demonstration videos that provide a detailed illustration of how the MP can help you to provide and control the maintenance management of your company more efficiently.

You can also download the basic version for free.

What we offer

Creative Dynamics Engineering offers following services regarding MP Software;

  • Demo installation and complete functionality demonstration
  • Complete installation and commissioning on the site
  • Free one week on-site training
  • One month free service

Contact us for features comparison and pricing.


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