Vision based Blister Inspection System


VisiTec-830 is an advanced blister fill control system, which makes use of latest machine vision technology to inspect and control the filling process of pharmaceutical blisters. The system is capable of identifying the following filling faults:

  • Missing object in blister pocket
  • Wrong object area
  • Deformed contour or shape of the object
  • Cracked object

How it works?

Information of the detected faulty objects is stored in shift registers, which are advanced with machine speed. Two separate shift registers are used, one for blisters and the other for packets (with cartonner option). As soon as the blister or carton containing the faulty tablet(s) arrives at the rejection station, rejection command is issued and the faulty product is removed from the line. Other features of the system include:

  • Extensive online display of the image with graphical marks on faulty objects and blisters
  • Useful production statistics for security and feedback information
  • Elaborate shift register status display for confirmation and validation purposes
  • Automatic format learning feature for trouble free operation
  • Recallable product formats for convenient product change over
  • User-friendly menu system for configuration and parameter adjustment
  • Controllable inspection thresholds to match quality control requirements
  • Multi-level access control system for data security

The system mainly comprises of the following:

  • High resolution CCD camera with high frequency diffused backlight
  • Vision Computer comprising of Online Display Monitor, Industrial Keyboard, PLC and other control devices
  • Vision Inspection Software
  • Interfacing with Synchronization Sensors
  • Interfacing with Rejection Mechanism
  • Online Printer for reports (optional)

The following sections present detailed description of each of the above sub-systems.


            Description Specifications
            Imaging System
            Type Monochrome or Color
            Resolution 1280 x 1024
            Pixel Size (μm) 3.75 x 3.75
            Speed 60 frames / sec


            Image Processor
            Processor Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHz
            HDD 128 GB SSD
            RAM 4 GB
            Ports USB3.0, 1 GbE RJ45


            Type 15.6” TFT LED
            Size Ratio 16:9
            Interface Capacitive Touchscreen
            Brightness 300 cd/m2
            Contrast Ratio 1500:1


            Control Panel
            Digital Inputs / Outputs 14 DI / 10 DO
            Retentive Data Shift register, counters, system parameters
            Power Supply 24 VDC 100 W


            Base File Compatibility
            Base File Type PVC, ALU, PVDC Coated PVC, Opaque PVC
            Forming Type Continuous or Intermittent
            Maximum Format Dim. 240 mm
            Top Illumination For ALU and Opaque PVC.It is necessary to get color contrast between the product and the base film. At the time of inspection certain combinations may not get inspected due to absence of contrast.
            Bottom Illumination For reasonably transparent film.To use the Bottom Illumination cut-out in the Guide-Plate with the size 30 mm more than Inspection Area is required.


            User Interface
            Product Learning Automatic with setup wizard (VisWiz™)
            Operator Assistance Help screens for all controls and adjustments
            Options & Parameters Selection thru intuitive menus
            Real-Time Display Raw image, Processed Image, Overlaid Image with fault symbols, Formatted Image
            Product Formats 30


            Defect Detection Capabilities
            Defect Detection
  • Missing Tablet / Capsule.
  • Broken Tablet >10%
  • Crushed tablet
  • Size Variation in Tablet and Capsule > 10%
  • Presence of multiple products in cavity with off centered position
  • Black spot > 0.8 mm (Exception Dark color of the tablet). (N.A. for Capsules)
  • Chip-off (Exception : coated tablet with different color) (N.A for Capsules)
  • Shape variation
    • Foreign Object with color contrast


            Product Rejection
            Rejection Type Single pneumatic diverter flap (standard)Multiple pneumatic diverter flaps (optional, depending upon the cutter and transfer conveyor configuration)
            Shift Register Size 200
            User Controls Automatic, Reject All, Rejection Off