Foam Testing System


The Foam Testing System (FTS-200) is an automated system used for testing of foams and cushions.  This system provides comprehensive test result, allows user to enter Process Time, Speeds, Passing ranges and other Parameters. Also allow the user to operate the machine in Test (Jog) Mode.

Our Foam testing system is designed to comply with ASTM D 3574*, ASTM D 5672, ISO 2439 standards as it is an integral part of every foam or fabric manufacturing industry which has to assure the quality of their product by testing its durability and lifetime under different usage conditions by meeting the international standards.

Typical use of this machine is found in automotive industries where foam for the seats is manufactured as per standards to ensure the safety, comfort and durability. Our foam testing system can also be customized to tensile or tear testing machine which is also a need of fabric manufacturer industry to ensure the resistance of the material in response to tear and stretch.


How it works?

The specimen is placed on the base plate of machine and indent or (round plate) is brought down in contact with the specimen to set a reference height. This is done by measuring the load from zero to a set limit and data is monitored in real time. After that, indent or is allowed to compress the specimen till the required distance or force is achieved.

When operator powers up the system then system will move to home position and then lamp indicates the state of the system.

Lamps Condition
Red Alarm / Emergency
Yellow Standby / Waiting
Green Running

After reaches its home position the green light will be off and the machine will be in waiting state. In waiting state the operator should place foam on JIG for testing. During the process the Green light will glow indicating that the system is in process. Then machine will press Foam 19 mm and waits till hold time. After process time is completed the machine will generate result and move to home position.  If the product test successfully falls within the desired range, its status is highlighted PASS.06 (Medium) - Copy

However if the tests fails to meet the required range it declares it to be FAIL. The actual value is then displayed.



Items Description
System Model FTS-200
Test Mode Hardness Test
Force Least Count 5 N
Minimum  Speed 20 mm/min
Maximum Speed 500 mm/min
Maximum Allowable Force 1000 N
Compression Travel Up to 20 mm
Maximum Stroke 120mm
Positioning System Servo Mechanism
Max Specimen Size 500*300 *200
Testing Plate 200mm
Inspection Result Pass / Fail indication thru HMI
Control Systems Fully Automatic operation with Siemens PLC and Weintek HMI Screen.
Special Features Real- time Display of Force Results and Production Statistics. Precision Load cell with High Gain Amplifier.
Data Logging Logging of Test Result in HMI for End of the Day Retrieval via USB
Power Required Single Phase 220VAC


Project Video